Leading web and mobile development agencies recognize that mobile phones occupy a place almost right next to the oxygen you breathe today. There is an app for everything you need for survival. From clothes to food to commuting from one place to another — you cannot function without your phone. Mobile internet traffic is naturally higher than it was in the last ten years. Statistics show that 53% of internet traffic worldwide is from mobile users instead of 46.7% of desktop users.

Therefore, it is imperative to get your site optimized for the ever-increasing number of mobile users if you own a website. Optimization helps get more qualified leads, reduce acquisition costs, increase revenue, and improve the company’s overall growth.

People are regularly using a mobile phone for entertainment and shopping. Research shows that people prefer mobile devices to spend 70% of their media time and 79% of social media time. Therefore, websites that are most accessed by viewers from mobile devices need better optimization methods to improve their conversion.

Here are the top 10 tips to better optimize your site and improve conversion rates.

Keep the thumb in mind

The thumb plays a significant role in handling mobile phones. Research shows that this finger is used in 75% of interactions. So, leading web development agencies optimize the sites by placing the crucial features in the middle of the thumb zone to increase conversions. Also, ensure the key elements are sizeable enough for users to use their thumb.

Stress on voice search

Voice search is the most preferred mode for accessing mobile devices. Almost 48% of users take the help of voice devices and personal assistants for different functions. Hence, web content needs to be optimized for local search results and essential snippets. For instance, the keywords have to be optimized differently since voice queries are very different from desktop searches. They tend to contain more words and are quite conversational. Shorter sentences and paragraphs are needed to make the information palatable.

Improve the loading time of the mobile site

Loading time is hugely significant for any online business. In the case of mobile conversion rates, it is equally applicable. During optimization, search engines always prefer high-speed loading of web pages. Statistics show that almost 40% of people prefer to abandon sites that take more than three seconds to load. In the case of mobile page loading, the idea of render start time is essential. It refers to those few seconds that the initial content takes to appear in front of the screen. It has been observed that mobile conversions are almost 50% better for sites that take less render start time.

For improving the page speed, try:

  • Optimizing images
  • Installing a caching plugin
  • Take the help of a content delivery network

Place the buy button

The world of mobile shopping is a unique one owing to the limited screen space. You have to continuously scroll back and forth to reach a product of your choice. Once you have selected it, locating the “buy” button is crucial. It should be eye-catchy and prominently visible so that visitors can find it. Many brands use sticky “Add to cart” buttons for the purpose. Unless you are a coding expert, take the help of third-party solutions to achieve the same.

Product recommendations on-page

Shopping sites can offer on-page recommendations of products that people can buy along with the one they are purchasing! Sounds familiar? It is one of the trending ways of increasing the order value of any customer. Companies find it easier to suggest products to desktop users based on their browsing history. It is trickier to do the same for mobile customers owing to the lack of screen space. Zalando’s Wishlist page has a smart “match with” button, which leads to recommended items. Such an approach offers shoppers an opportunity to find more options without leaving their shopping page. You can also try using pop-ups on your mobile webpage to get the same effect!

Product images

High-quality images are essential for completing the mobile shopping experience. Some e-commerce webpages offer product images from 360 degrees. Content with images receives 94% more views than those without it. But, then, original photos should be used instead of stock ones. It impresses viewers and creates trust on the website, which is instrumental in enhancing conversions. However, high-quality images need to be compressed and resized so that page load speed is not affected.

Use autocompletes

Autocomplete is a great feature to incorporate into your website. Whether you are using Shopify or WooCommerce for web development, you can implement this for better conversion. It allows the viewer to find the product or service required quickly. Users can readily see the available options and pick one. It reduces the search time for the viewer and helps in making decisions.

Onsite filtering tools are also an alternative option. They help the buyer to directly searching for the necessary product rather than browsing through the drop-down lists. Shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. have onsite filtering tools.

Personalized marketing

Personalization is a key performer when it comes to conversions and sales. Research shows that it can enhance profits in the eCommerce industry by almost 15%. Personalization refers to the availability of offers for products which the visitors are looking for. This depends a lot on the accessibility of data. Geo-marketing, for instance, is the current trend, which shows that almost 61% of viewers prefer the customization of marketing materials depending on their location. You can also try the personalization technique depending on the popular product categories being searched by viewers.

Using psychological triggers

Scarcity increases the demand for products. Introduce words like “only 1 in stock” or “till stocks last” to create the effect and increase the buying spree. The Ecommerce web developers, for instance, use similar tactics to enhance the demand for specific products.

Multilingual stores

Multilingual stores and websites are more likely to increase conversions because not all users will be native English speakers. Also, introducing multiple languages helps the brand emerge as a professional and gives it a global presence.


An approximated amount of 4 billion smartphone users are always on the internet. Using these optimization techniques, you can access a massive market of potential buyers.


Featured Image: Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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