Ecommerce is spreading its wings and becoming the most accessible means of selling a product. People opt for online stores more than the regular brick and mortar ones of the earlier days.

But to attract customers and ensure that they regularly make purchases, e-commerce businesses have to take the help of marketing automation. We have already written about automation in eCommerce in general. Automation is what brings together all activities related to marketing and sales when it comes to eCommerce. It streamlines the entire lead generation process and simplifies all, causing a reduction in workforce costs yet an increase in paying customers. It helps in retaining current customers and bringing back previous ones also. So, it adds value to your business majorly and ensures its longevity.

How you can benefit

Marketing automation, when done in the correct method, can iron out many issues faced in e-commerce. Businesses with fewer human resources stand to benefit most from the application of this technology. Some of the most typical benefits that you can observe in e-commerce businesses using marketing automation are as follows:

  • Time-saving
  • Faster business processes
  • Easy management of inventory
  • Better customer experience and services
  • Reduction in business costs
  • Lesser time and money spent on training employees
  • A rise in sales figures
  • Scheduled social media and automated emails to keep customers in the loop with new offers

Solve your e-commerce issues

By introducing marketing automation in your e-commerce business, you can improve on certain features of online shopping businesses. These are as follows:

Cart abandonment

Cart abandonment is one of the crucial problems in online shopping. Approximately 69.75 % of shoppers do not complete their shopping and abandon their carts. The reason behind this can be numerous starting from better deals elsewhere to a problem with the inventory or even lack of time. By e-commerce automation, you can send reminders using web push notifications or even texting till they complete the purchase. However, there is no guarantee that you will get back to every single customer. Still, many of them do lead to conversions.

Customers subscribe for the push notifications when they reach the website, so it is easy to track the carts and send the messages. For instance, some of the sites built using Shopify Plus use these messages to drive sales. The messaging service does not have to be very expensive either. Just use web push initially because it is cost-effective.

However, if you do not get the desired result, then move to SMS marketing which is a slightly more expensive option. The system should send abandoned cart reminders to customers at regular intervals. For instance, sending the reminders thrice is effective at ranges of 50 minutes, 8 hours and lastly 23 hours.

More automated review requests

Online consumers depend a lot on the reviews placed for each product, mostly, because they are unable to touch and feel the items they are purchasing. So, the reviews act as a reliable marketing tool. By using emails, marketing automation encourages users to send reports following a purchase and use these on the product pages. These review requests can be scheduled for a particular time after the purchase so that you get an honest experience about the product. Customers tend to support and accept feedback from other buyers. It helps in creating confidence in the product.

Order confirmations

Messages and emails about the order placement, acceptance and delivery status are an essential part of e-commerce automation. These communication points help in instilling customer confidence and reducing anxiety related to the purchase.

Stock alerts

The stock alert messages can be convenient to retarget interested customers. By activating the marketing automation software, these can be allowed to appear anywhere on online shopping. Visitors will only have to click on the notification request.

Automated invoicing

Online shops use several payment gateways and tools that are useful for maintaining records and creating invoices. You can easily integrate these with an eCommerce platform.

Build your subscriber list

Subscribers are as good as your potential customers. Building this automated list can help in pushing up your sales. These are quality leads that you have created based on your content or product. Marketing automation helps in the creation and nurturing of good points. The technology allows the creation of a widget or a form that customers fill in while entering the site and become subscribers. Sometimes, you will also find that the site’s content is compelling enough for visitors to click on the subscription icon willingly.

Use of artificial intelligence

The usage of artificial intelligence to get accurate results from marketing automation is not new. Live chats often make it easier for the customer to get clarification for the queries. It improves customer management to a considerable extent. It allows them to get a better experience because they get answers to their questions efficiently.

Get better insight into customer activities

Marketing automation, as a rule, helps in gathering data regarding customer behaviour and analysing them to improve marketing campaigns. In e-commerce, it allows businesses to gather information like the time of the visit and what products had the most interest, along with the bounce rate and other metrics. These are useful in fine-tuning the sales campaigns and upgrading the inventory.

Omnichannel monitoring

Marketing across various channels is advantageous, but monitoring customer behaviour, in the same way, can be quite tricky. Humanly it is not possible to monitor and track buyers across various channels. But with the help of marketing automation, it is possible. You can even get a detailed insight chart on the behaviour of customers on different pathways in a matter of a few minutes.


As we often repeat, the future will belong to those who automate the process most efficiently and effectively. eCommerce and marketing both are no different.

Featured Image: Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

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