As any leading web design & development company would tell you, building a website is essential for the marketing and expansion of a company. But while creating it, you must decide its purpose. Are you making it for drawing traffic or conversion? Because these two are different from each other.

A good-looking website can really make heads-turn and ensure that people return to it repeatedly. But that does not guarantee conversion. You can have visitors, but unless they become your valued customers, your purpose still is incomplete. The idea is not to underestimate the need for an aesthetically pleasing website but focus on the usefulness of one that can lead to severe conversions.

How Web Designing Agencies Use Websites For Digital Marketing?

Your website is undoubtedly one of the most critical gateways for your customers. Compelling visitors to become buyers is the primary purpose here because that will bring in the Return on Investment. It will also lead to the creation of leads and, finally, sales. A conversion-friendly website enables you to facilitate digital marketing tactics like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Meet, and Pay-Per-Click (PPC).
The idea is to create a convenient and user-friendly website for visitors because, in the online market, people want a quick solution for every deal. Whether it is acquiring relevant information about a company or product or accessing the website on any device, the answer must be at their fingertips.

Here are some ways in which your website can stimulate conversions.


This tops the requirement chart for any website. Proper design and style are imperative for creating a basic sense of trust in a visitor. It is not just about adding glamour to the site but also about creating an impression on the buyer’s mind. Focus on colors that stand for your brand. Try to use powerful, high-quality photographs and an overall sense of order in the site’s design. It engages the visitor and ensures that he spends more time on the site. The neatness of the planning will create a sense of trust in the company’s ability.


However, mesmerizing the website’s design, you also need to ensure that the pages are structured in a user-friendly manner. Visitors prefer information about products and services to be available quickly. For instance, the product page also has the choice of ordering the same. A logical structure of the courier can lead to more conversions.

Responsive design

If you have gotten the structure right, now is the time for responsive layouts. This implies using the page correctly on any kind of device without losing on the content. The entire landing or product page must be fully visible on smartphones, computers as well as tablets. Responsive designs ensure that more than 50% of customers can see the pages and make purchases. This feature is one of the most important ones when it comes to SEO.


While designing, do not undermine the importance of font sizes and styles. Every content on the page should be readable for customers to understand your reputation in the market. Customers cannot be expected to squint their eyes or enhance the font size every time they want to read something about the product. Headaches and inconveniences are never suitable for conversions! So, choose the font wisely. Also, content is essential but do not make it text-heavy, either. Simple and straightforward words can do magic for sales.

White space

The intelligent white space can do wonders for your website. Utilize it to highlight cornerstone content, exclusive offers, meaningful images, and calls-to-action. A web page cluttered with offers and pictures can be a sore to the eyes and prevent people from getting hold of offers or products they need. Hence, the conversion is not likely to take place.

Now that the website is ready for conversion, you need to focus on how social media can create a steady market conversion.

How Social Media helps in conversion?

According to statistics, 3.2 billion people use social media worldwide. From the company’s point of view, that is a vast untapped market for any product. If you want to get started, try to be more social, and improve your visibility online. The best thing about social media is that it is interactive. You can connect with real people about your products and services.
Here are some tips that will help in stimulating conversion from social media.

Social media loves proof

Since online buyers are real people, they need a proof of the products’ usefulness and quality while buying. Research shows that 92% of people look for reviews before any purchase because it creates a sense of trust on the product. For creating social proof, you will need a strong market reputation. Company and product reviews help in building the required prominence. Influencer marketing is another way of getting traction and increasing the credibility of your brand.

Optimizing social media network

Social media is enjoying a steady boom, and you must understand how to perfect it to get benefits. For instance, Twitter prefers briefer thoughts, while Facebook is more into videos. The engagement rate on Facebook videos is a whopping 59%; hence, you will have to post more videos here. For best results, try a combination of strategies for other social media sites.

Social media selling

Social selling includes using different social media sites to build a strong relationship with your clients and offer them solutions to their problems. This helps in improving engagement and increasing conversions. Try using your LinkedIn endorsements and influencer marketing on Instagram and Twitter to improve your social selling skills. Getting involved in other businesses by sharing or commenting on posts. Study your competitors to understand them better.


Web design and social media are great tools for improving the company’s conversion only if you can stick to the strategy. A capable web development agency will provide minute attention to the design aspects of the website. At the same time, social media provides tools to businesses that allow them to reach their customers anytime. Both aspects are crucial for optimal conversion results.

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