Design is an evolving phenomenon, and that includes website design. Hence, you must be on the lookout for the signs that indicate that it is now the time to redesign your website. Yes, we invest a lot of time and effort into our designs. But there are times when you will need to let go of any emotional attachment and decide that its times to give a new look to your website.
Let’s discuss a few signs that will tell you that you should initiate a new project to redesign your website.

#1: Your website is inaccessible or unreadable on mobile devices

As we described in our earlier article, having a responsive design is critical for websites. This need is a result of a variety of factors. Your visitors are increasingly using mobile devices to access your site. If they don’t find the experience engaging, they will abandon your site and move forward. Hence, if your site doesn’t render on the mobile devices appropriately or lacks experience on these devices, it’s time to change your design.

#2: Redesign Your Website If It Is Slow to Render

The speed of rendering, along with the responsive design, is crucial for a variety of reasons. It is validated through research that our attention span is decreasing. If we don’t find something interesting in a couple of seconds, we tend to move on. And imaging if that happens with your visitors? All your investments and efforts don’t bear the fruits. There are also opportunity costs.

We will talk about how to test the speed and techniques to increase your website’s speed in a future article. If your site takes more than a couple of seconds to load on any device, it is time to refresh the design.

#3: Do You Have Low Traffic? The Design May Be the Cause

You might ask what does the design have to do with the website traffic? Well, a lot. Search engines, including Google, has more than 700 factors in determining the rank of a website. Usability and experience are a couple of top factors, along with performance and security. If your design is not optimized, your website will fare badly on search engine performance.

#4: Your Bounce Rate Is Too High. Check the Navigation & Discoverability of the Design

The bounce rate is the indication of whether the users leave your website after visiting just one page. There can be more than one reason, but the design often is the culprit. If the visitors aren’t aware of if they can’t find valuable information available on other pages, they might leave. Facilitating such information discovery and navigation is one of the vital responsibilities of the design. So, if you see a high bounce, it might indicate that it is time to redesign your website.

#5: Your Customer Conversion Rate is Too Low

If you have traffic and have a lot of bounce rate but still cannot convert the visitors into customers, you might look at redesigning your website. Is your design allowing easy capture of leads? Are there options where you can take your visitors’ information so that you can reach out to them? If you find that you don’t have enough conversion opportunities, you should consider redesigning the site.

#6: It Is Difficult to Implement Even A Small Change

As the design becomes dated, it becomes more difficult to make even small changes. The current system might have been implemented using the techniques, tools, and principles prevalent. But technology changes rapidly. New tools get added every day. And sometimes, the original methods don’t work well with the older ones. In such cases, you should give the required urgency and attention to redesigning.

#7: Your Brand Messaging Has Changed. Your Design Must Evolve

Many organizations go through rebranding. Often, with the evolving external or internal environments, the organizations also need to evolve. And the design needs to reflect this evolution.

Other times, the sensibilities of the audience also change. For example, every generation and age group may have different choices. And as your audience changes, you must undergo the changes that resonate with your audience and customers. This is the right time to redesign your website to remain relevant.


While you should keenly observe the opportunities for redesigning your website, you should ensure that the new design is as scalable as possible. Good web design and development agencies will ensure that your design is scalable. Even if you have to make changes, these changes can be made quickly, and the extent can be limited.

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