WordPress is undoubtedly the leader when it comes to creating websites. Statistics show that approximately 75 million sites use it globally, and the figure is expected to continue rising. The number of free plugins offered by this software is also a staggering 55k. Paid plugins are twice the number! However, it would be incorrect to assess that every single plugin is fantastic. Some of these are better and truly must-have for all sites. Here is a list of the top five, which you must have in 2020 for your website!

The Best Plugins

The best thing about WordPress is that it is suited for every type of user. You need not be an ace developer to work with this content management system and its plugins. Even a non-technical user can create and maintain a website powered by WordPress. But every website owner should have an idea regarding some must-have plugins that are crucial for the website’s security and functionality.

Optin Monster

The sole purpose of creating a website is lead and revenue generation. WordPress has many plugins that help generate leads, enhance user engagement, send emails, increase traffic, and more. Optin Monster is a paid plugin by WordPress, which helps in boosting traffic and conversions. The plugin helps create opting email forms that can be placed on the website strategically for highlighting campaigns. You can also include countdown timers, inline forms, lightbox popups, and other small triggers to attract visitors’ attention. Optin Monster comes with something called Exit-Intent technology, which helps in converting abandoned visitors into customers and subscribers. It is a great tool that can help in increasing your company’s email list fast.

Yoast SEO

If you want the website to generate revenue continuously, then a high website ranking is necessary. Search engine optimization is one way of reaching higher rankings in a search engine, but it can be quite complicated. Search engines prefer organic traffic, but sometimes you must take SEO to get the much-necessary rankings. With a popular WordPress plugin, Yoast SEO, you can easily optimize your page and content. This tool lets you select a keyword and then continues the optimization processes around it. It also provides you with tips on how the page can be improved for better results. Whether you need to add more keywords or improve your page’s readability, the tool will guide you with its recommendations. You can avail of the free version and the paid one, which comes with additional features. Google alone has more than 9 billion searches. So, there are plenty of opportunities to improve your website’s ranking.


Page speed is crucial for the success of a website. Statistics show that people move on to the next website if there is even a 3 seconds’ delay. Therefore, WordPress’s Jetpack plugin can help the website improve both speed and security levels. This dual service makes it a must-have for any website with WordPress. It has, in fact, approximately 4 million active installations. Jetpack was developed by Automattic, the mother company, which developed WordPress. Its security features include protecting the site from spam and malware. It also creates daily site backups so that nothing is lost in case the server crashes. Amazingly, it also contains added features like automated suggestions regarding social media posts and even site analytics. It can also help in improving the design of your website. WordPress handles the hosting of Jetpack, which means some of the server load is off your site, which automatically enhances the speed. The plugin’s dashboard offers a view of all the features you are using, so get started!

WP Forms

Every website needs customizable forms for improving interaction with clients and visitors by collecting information from them. With WP Forms, the process of designing beautiful forms becomes more straightforward, and you don’t even have to be familiar with HTML & CSS to develop them. You can create payment forms, order forms, survey and donation forms, and even polls! This popular plugin’s mobile responsiveness and user-friendly nature have made it the favorite form creation plugin for more than 3 million websites. The software uses pre-built templates that anyone can use to create a form. You can also use its drag and drop feature to design new forms. This WordPress plugin is available in both free and paid versions. The PRO version, of course, contains more integrations and features for more comfortable usage. So, get busy with great-looking forms and embed them in the sidebar widgets, blog posts, pages, and anywhere else on the website.

Monster Insights

Analytics is a must for any website to help yo u make informed decisions. Usually, most website owners swear by Google Analytics. It is the best marketing tool available, which allows you to understand just where your company stands. Monster Insights is best suited for using Google Analytics. You can easily set up Google Analytics in your WordPress site and enjoy the benefits of working like a pro. It offers you detailed reports regarding the site traffic and the interactions enjoyed by your website. This plugin also aids you to set up tracking like custom dimensions, forms, ads, and more. It also makes the analytics reports available right on your dashboard to not have to switch back and forth. Both free and paid versions are available for this plugin.


Plugins are an inseparable part of WordPress websites, but that does not mean you have to add too many of them. Newbies might take a while to understand, but too many plugins can also slow down your website.

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